The beauty of life

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The years are beautiful, I planted the next round of the sun in the spring, in the winter will be able to harvest the warmth, the love of the world is the most beautiful gift of the heaven .

Time has been passing, and we've been meeting. There are always some people who are not willing to lose their flowers. They will not accept the umbrella when they stop raining. There are always some cherished values, hidden in silent places, and gathered strength when they are lonely.

Not tenderness, across a river -- sightable but inaccessible, the best love, can let the lonely soul bloom, every life needs warmth and companionship, love how forget, love is soft, love only for love, courage, and sunshine, put in place with you.

The beauty of life, is life may encounter, what kind of way to go, what kind of person is decided early, but I still hope I can meet a person close to the inner landscape, even just a smile of pure beauty, hope to meet a know, even if only one eye is to cherish.

The best way to meet is to put your heart in the bottom of your heart, only to live in peace with each other, if you can meet those who are right in your life, such as sitting in flowers and practicing, let the years have beautiful background and good temperature.

Through the long time, there is always a person, is in your heart forever, there is always a person, the warmth of your life.

, elegant, overnight up white mountain and water, snow dance over the air flow window, a thousand years of white pond, tea, gardeVery cold winter snow in the south southn, rockery, Gu Xiang orchid, snow wrapped flow Mei, the girl came from the plum garden, Mei Xue Fen dance, dance. The stone bridge, shaking the poetic, flower snow all over the sky, sparkling, Mei Jiangnan xueyun...... And, you came from the snow, snow romance, gradually the abundance of the charm of the ancient city, setting full of quiet streets, the snow white lying frivolous tenderness, instant cobblestones .

The snow is soft and bleaching the south.

The fluttering white girl

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You look at the flower, blooming in a white light yellow, small, plump, so fragile like trembling the baby's body, so lovely, so lovely! Appreciate carefully, and feel it like a baby's hands, fleshy, tender, swaying in the wind, as if in one hand. A few buds in a circle, the special naughty maximum, grab a few other nutrients, desperately toward the sun and stretched, it will catch in the time ahead, to greet the sun, in order to win the favor of the summer sun, absorbing enough nutrients to the day, waiting for the arrival of the evening master of science in statistics!

In the evening, it was dark, is still reflected in Chaoyang sunset clouds! The rosy clouds, like color ink painting to the sky spread through the trees, the gap, far view, visible all the spaces are floating orange quiet and romantic. The mottled shadows, also shook the intoxicating color. Look, the jasmine flowers, some like wearing white dress princess, in the air constantly rotating, indulge their beauty; some like wearing fashionable dress models, do not speak here outline, careless about dressing, out of its slender arm, there was like the pyramid like heavy layers; some open like most of the rich, the sky with white gauze dancing fairies; some was very nice, like snow lotus, snow covered Plateau on the pure white, white and delicate, white as the sun, the fluttering white girlServiced apartment Causeway Bay !

In this piece of jasmine flowers, the girl walked gently dancing, spinning, as far as in another piece of the flowers, there are a variety of jasmine, red, purple, yellow, blue, various forms, various appearance, posture 11000, enchanting scene. Some are like butterflies dancing in the wind, spreading wings in the wind, some are like fluffy snowballs, full and cute, some are like court dancers, wearing colorful ribbons and beautiful dresses, a look, an action and a smile are enough to touch everyone's heartbeatserviced apartment hk.

Fragrant night dusk! Jasmine flowers are famous since ancient times. The girl is smelling the flowers in the thick, girl foliage flowers. Walking and walking, the girl is tightly surrounded by the inescapable aroma. This fragrance enters the nose, moistens the lungs, and drunken the atrium. A breeze blowing, the aroma will be as transparent snowflakes fluttering in the air, the girl with open arms, let the real gentle touch, it seems, to the girl roll to heaven, even a colorful jasmine, fly to the top of the clouds!

stood for a long time in the hospita

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With vast countryside, such as snow poetic emotion, diffuse slowly twisted dance, dance over the mountains, across the plough, gradually attached with farm houses, the snow white, pure white, gently wrapped in branches, decorated with ancient courtyard, the two old tree in front of the old house of the sweet scented osmanthus trees swaying in the wind, the snow gently attached to the trunk, not far from the wilderness was covered with snow, snow flying, lit up the sky Snow gleams white.. Sage online

It is a long time ago, remember that the Spring Festival, I visit home from the army, it snowed heavily in thirty years, my father took me to the old house, wooden table filled with hearty dishes and pastries, hanging in front of the red lanterns, windows on the window sill is full of snow, I quietly came to the yard, standing in the sweet scented osmanthus trees, staring at the long years osmanthus tree, the yard is the snow, the snow is thick in the hospital well, leaving only the family deep footprints, old house door is also close to the red antithetical couplet, a celebration, a cold wind blows, the snow is dancing the sky, snow middle-aged taste more and more st

It is a long time ago, remember that the Spring Festival, I visit home from the army, it snowed heavily in thirty years, my father took me to the old house, wooden table filled with hearty dishes and pastries, hanging in front of the red lanterns, windows on the window sill is full of snow, I quietly came to the yard, standing in the sweet scented osmanthus trees, staring at the long years osmanthus tree, the yard is the snow, the snow is thick in the hospital well, leaving only the familyrong...... It reminds me of my childhood.

Memory, with snowflakes passing through the south of the Yangtze River, snowflakes, like a group of dancers, are slowly embracing the courtyards, filled with courtyards, the eaves are thick snow, and under the eaves, they are icing on the ceiling. I love listening to this song, grandma will sing, when grandparents still alive, every thirty years, grandma doing the dinner on New Year's Eve in the house, grandpa took me to set off firecrackers in the snow mood, long lit firecrackers, on the side of the well has exploded, I love grandpa laughter, love grandma love nagging, they call me a nickname, I love grandma's dishes, I feel very happy, very happy, in the snow in the winter to warm meBusiness Centre Mong Kok .

I stood for a long time in the hospital, my eyes are full of tears, my uniform is full of snow, the cap on the pentagram, uniform red collar in the snow shining in the distance, my father looked at me, he knew I miss Grandpa, this is a memory away. I write, write on the computer, want to put on my grandparents Miss always remember, never stopped; want to Jiangnan snow story has an ending, tears wet my sweater, snow outside in the sunshine, gradually melted, frozen in the cold, the snow I Jiangnan in the soft snow, a story, in the twilight gradually raise, a night of snow drift, those stories. Many years have passed and have been in my mind.

Another morning, a sun rising in the East, the snow freezes in the cold wind, is brilliant in front of the old house a few plum open, standing in the cold wind, the scent of flowers bloom cold season, Trinidad cold snow splash, fragrant earth, bleached Jiangnan, Mei in my heart rhyme master of biomedical sciences hong kong.

Love is so short, forgetting is so long

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In the heart of everyone, there are always some people, some things, looking back years, when the night is quiet, the tide of memories will be quietly in the heart, when the time is old, still fresh MD Senses.

People always have the time not to cherish, always feel that the days are long, but time is the most forbidden time, sometimes, a turn, is forever. Looking back, the past is only a memory!

Once sighed su shi "ten years life and death two boundless, don't think, self-unforgettable" is how infatuation! I have been feeling that the land tour "the mountain union is in, jin shu difficult to hold" is how silly! I once marveled that naran "bet the book to get rid of the tea, then only dao is ordinary" how crazy! The love that once was in the twilight, the unforgettable heart, is the most precious treasure in a person's life, how can it easily annihilate in the river of years?

A person, as long as once have appeared in your life, even the extremely shallow and very light, will leave or shallow or deep memory, not to mention, once the deep affection depend on! Little drops of beauty, will embroider on the curtain of memory, the wind and rain of the years, cannot let it fade.

How can forget, once had the west window candle! How can forget, once make wine talk sangma! How can forget, once raise a cup to invite bright moon! Once we have heard the song of birds, together we have waited for flowers, we have seen white clouds... Once the foolish silly, once the dribs and drabs, all is my this life to give up the missing and memory! Past events like yesterday, the love is grey WSET level 1!

The time that has love is the most beautiful, as if one grass and trees, one mountain and one water, can be in the sunlight shallow smile, every inch of skin can be relaxed in the qing wind month. When you have love, you will feel that you are the happiest.

Sometimes happiness is really mean, sometimes it's not ready, and then you leave. The hard life of pain, disconsolate, helplessly to you. Fall in love, maybe a moment; It takes a lifetime to forget.

The past is like a clove, don't be in the years, wind, rain, a wave, a heart! The world is full of danqing hands, a sad picture is not. The only thing you can understand is what you know.

Always think time can heal all wounds, but those deep-seated feelings are not the time tide can dilute. In the long river of time, come, perhaps only suddenly, but will miss a lifetime!

Boom 3000, look light is cloud smoke; The edge of the edge is scattered, and there is a sunny day ahead. Some road, can only one person walk, together accompany the red dust and smoke rain, together walked together the jin serhua year, treasures in the most soft corner of the heart, good!

"Many years ago, I liked two words -- cherish every encounter as fate has it," said bai. It's not easy to get to know each other. Therefore, we should know to cherish, any harm and miss, are not worth forgiving. Even so, all the way through, I still have to rub shoulders with many predestination, and have lost. It is not because we don't know how to cherish, some fate, doomed. When the time comes, like the dew, when to go like the electricity, cannot hold, finally is that the moment fanghua.

Perhaps, this is the fate that is doomed to be unable to pull together! As if not yet ready, the beautiful past has become dust and dust, scattered in the wind of years. Love is so short, forgetting is so long serviced apartments in hong kong....

When it comes, cherish it; When the edge is scattered, take care! Without the red dust, then forget about the lake. Each of them is fine, too!

Snow, winter's white

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Like the beautiful scenery of winter when it snows all the year round. It was a quiet, peaceful realm, a fairytale world that was crystal and clear. The fragrance of the pine, the ice fragrance of snow, gives a kind of cool and refreshing comfort. Everything is filtering, everything is sublimating, even my heart is purifying, pure and beautiful.

Winter is like a young girl in love, pure, romantic, and elegant. Her hair like a waterfall swaying, has a round face, such as month smooth and bright, have good looks pretty eyes like shining stars twinkling, a lithe and graceful girth graceful enchanting, she with the dreams of the sincere love from deep in the desert walking leisurely. She, a white dress, light and wide sleeves, dance a new dance in the mountains and rivers. The rivers of mountains and rivers were dumped by her beauty, followed by elegant clothes wrapped in silver. She, the delicate jade finger, carefully plucked, a song of wind to loose and easy to fall from the string. The vast forest was bewildered by the sound of her music, and she sobbed and sang a melancholy song. The world was changed by her, and her eyes were filled with joy.

Winter is a grumpy teenager, sometimes docile, sometimes mischievous. Sometimes the sun shines and the wind blows. Sometimes, clouds cover the sun, rain and snow. In the winter, the snowflakes are enveloped in soft snow blankets. The yellow grass under the snow blanket protection, a sweet dream, the spring breeze at one time, the grass son emit tender green buds. He waved his hand, raised a cold wind, and condensed the river into ice. He ran across the ice, pulling the last of the leaves from the branches and rubbing them in his hand until the leaves were broken.

Winter is a dignified middle-aged man, bold, resolute, unhurried. He was always in a hurry, carrying heavy luggage. Even though he was not young and curious and impulsive, he still exuded a passion for struggle. He was clearly aware that he was carrying out his mission and had a lot to do and never slacken off. In the north, it is very ambitious, not only to catch the cold wind of hunting but also to spray a colorful snowflake, but to the south, it is infected with the elegant atmosphere of the south of the south, and become courteous. From time to time, in his steps, a misty silk rain fell. So the poet said, "jiangnan 484 temple, how many buildings are in the rain." He was busy and cautious, but in the depths of his heart there was a hint of warmth and privacy. He was careful to take care of the fish swimming under the ice cap and let them escape from the cold. He let the snow melt in the sun and seeped into the dry land, and he knew that it would be more suitable for the seedlings to grow in the spring. He let the branches of the bam bam of the flower of shame, make people feel the beauty of life in the sight of a lot of people...

Winter is an old man who goes through many vicissitudes, he is steady, he is thick. Sitting in the courtyard of life, enjoying the warm sunshine of winter. In his clear brow, he saw the early spring green Onions, the warmth of the summer and the harvest of late autumn. The air floated the delicate fragrance of plum blossoms. He stretched out his bony hand, summoning his lifelong companion. The two of you said a word and told the story of the past. Their words are high and low, sometimes emotional, and sometimes slow. Those fleeting days seem to be pulled back, close at hand, within reach. Gradually, the old people's voice disappeared, replaced by the wonder of the eyes and the quiet smile.

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